How can you make Florida’s property insurance more affordable and available?

Support Assignment of Benefits reforms that will stabilize Florida’s insurance marketplace and providing affordable reinsurance.
Sign the petition to reform Assignment of Benefits Abuse.
Act now by urging your elected representative to support the bipartisan initiative to reform Assignment of Benefits abuse.

Assignment of Benefits (AOB) is a contract between an insurance policyholder and a third-party vendor, such as a roofer or a water remediation vendor. An AOB transfers control of the claim benefits and other rights and provisions to the thirdparty. This includes all responsibility for dealing with the insurance company to evaluate damages, filing a policyholder claim, settling the claim, and receiving payment. In recent years, AOB abuse has been a leading driver of higher homeowner’s insurance premiums.

The proposed legislation will implement contractor controls and consumer protections to prohibit third-party vendors from taking advantage of vulnerable policyholders. Additionally, these reforms will decrease the litigation gamesmanship plaguing the property and casualty marketplace. Correcting these abuses will diminish the recent upward rate pressure on Florida’s policyholders.

Sign the petition to support reforms to Assignment of Benefits abuse and the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund.